Comet Production can expertly handle any of your Creative Production needs, whether you seek spot-on brand-focused Content Creation, E-Commerce Consultation and Image Generation, or good 'ole Editorial and Commercial Shoot Production.

Comet Studio is a private 3200 square foot photo studio and event space located in Manhattan's Lower East Side in a quintessential pre-war "Old New York" building. With a 19' wide cyclorama, 6 large east-facing windows to allow for daylight capability, and ample space for styling and production, Comet Studio is the ideal space for creative teams to bring their vision to life.

We bespoke tailor our service to you; we have exciting solutions for every need and budget.




Dtouch NYC x Picto

With over 60 years of experience working hand in hand with photographers and brands, we are proud to call Picto New York our partner in offering a robust PrePress service to accommodate all needs for global media adaptations.

Through Picto’s state of the art application and workflow management tool, we collaboratively engage with clients to achieve all PrePress needs in the most precise, efficient, and effective way.

Please be in touch with us at to learn more.